Why I voted Lib Dem

'Why vote Lib Dem?' I asked myself on the morning of the 4th of May.

As a pro-European who was, and has been, dismayed by the EU referendum result and the subsequent triggering of article 50 voting for Britain’s most pro-EU party was, on the face of it, a natural choice. I share many of the main principles of the Lib Dems like internationalism, tolerance and a respect for personal freedom but, in many other ways, I’m distinctly not a Lib Dem. I find their crime policies muddled and confused, especially around legalisation of marijuana, which as far as I’m concerned should have been legalised years ago. But the Lib Dems are too cowardly to express their honest view publicly. I am not at all drawn to Tim Farron who reminds me of a school teacher whose having an affair with politics.

Regular readers of my political musings will know that I feel about Jeremy Corbyn the way that Charles II felt about the puritans. A feeling of contempt at their puerile fanaticism and disgust at their haughty self-righteousness. I have been more favourable in my views of Theresa May who I think has taken to the position of Prime Minister like a duck to a beautiful Oxfordshire lake. But, on Brexit, she’s speaking to an audience I simply have nothing in common with and feel that this Conservative government will turn its back on people like me. So, it had to be the Lib Dems.

Since June of last year it’s been hard being a Liberal internationalist. The masses have been actively voting specifically against our policy agenda, one of our key leaders Hilary Clinton

could not win the US Presidency in-part because she was a Liberal internationalist, a cultural backlash is going on against international institutions and trade deals and the populist right have been hoovering up votes like one of James Dyson’s finest inventions.

So, on the morning of the 4th of May it had to be the Lib Dems. Tim Farron’s reduced and demoralised party was where my vote was going to go. After nearly being wiped out in the last general election the party of overwhelmingly upper middle class people became my political representatives of choice. And they will also be having my vote on the 8th of June in the upcoming general election. I will have to forgive them for not being able to put a check on the worst EU hating elements of the Tories during the coalition government that led to the vote of last summer. I will have to forgive them for having been knocked out of the headlines by UKIP, and I will have to forgive them for not being able to push more of their policies whilst in government. But in-spite of their many faults the Lib Dems are the only UK political party currently offering me a political home.