The Manchester Bombing

When I turned on the TV on Tuesday morning the first thing I heard on BBC News 24 was President Donald Trump saying ’he’s a loser’.

I didn’t know what he was referring to when he was speaking until I noticed at the bottom of the screen about the bombing of the Manchester arena the night before. My first feelings when I saw that 22 were dead and 59 injured were that professional terrorism had again come to our shores.

The Westminster attack was, compared to Manchester, an amateur attack by a lone man driving a hire car into tourists and Londoners. Manchester was a serious professional attack using a highly complex explosive device. An explosive device that would’ve taken substantial training to build and execute.

It was the return of the type of terror that has fallen out of use in recent years because of successful counter-terrorism and good intelligence. Recent attacks, such as Nice and Berlin, were relatively simple attacks using hire cars or stolen lorries. Nobody needed serious training for driving vehicles into groups of civilians.

The Manchester attack was in the mould of the 7/7 London attacks or the Madrid train bombings in its organisation and professional execution. They were committed by trained operatives who would have needed weeks if not months of training to successfully carry out such operations. Similar to many Islamist terrorist attacks around the world that are completely heartless in those they target. In Manchester’s case children, as young as eight.

The bomber was motivated by hatred of society and an ideological devotion to a violent school of Islam that celebrates and glories in violence. A brand of Islam that has now bought death to New York, Boston, London, Manchester, Paris, Nice, Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Baghdad, Mali, Moscow, New Delhi and many others. Islamism is the new menace to the world the way that Hitlerism and Stalinism once were. An ideology that attracts those from violent criminal backgrounds who bring with them the kind of dysfunctional personalities that led them into a life of crime in the first place. An ideology that seeks to use extreme force to compel others to cohere to their own view of the world. An ideology that believes completely in its own rightness and everyone else is evil and our lives unworthy. This is exactly how Hitlerism and Stalinism came to kill millions by using terroristic violence. Both Hitler and Stalin were, in different ways, involved in violent struggle against society before they came to power and as soon as they got that power the violence got worse not less. Both were social misfits in different ways, exactly the same as Islamist terror bombers are now.

Islamism is the new Hitlerism and Stalinism. An ideology that attracts the criminal and the dysfunctional who live disruptive lives and turn to violent Jihadism to further the misery they’ve already bought to the world.